Standard Practices Character Design, First round of ideas for Realestate website mascot.

Standard Practices Character Design: what to expect.

The process begins with a conversation about the character, mascot or spokesperson. We take direction from the adjectives that you use to describe the character: “helpful”, “friendly”, “comical”, “lighthearted”, “silly”, “serious”, “authoritative”, “industry descriptive”. We also take direction from the role that you define for the character: “spokesperson”, “comic relief”, “mascot”, “helper”, “demonstrator of features and benefits” or “instructor”. We also take direction from the activities that you have in mind for the character to perform. Of course any Character design is relevant to your product, or service.

Here is a sample of Character development for a Real Estate website. First round explores three to four different directions.

Standard Practices Character Design, first round, second round, final character

Once a direction is chosen, Second Round refines the character using client’s direction. Going back to another First round design is chargeable at this point.

Final Character incorporates all the feed back of the client, and is ready to incorporate into the scene. A final character can be in color or black/white as in the example. Character Design normally includes just one pose, unless otherwise stipulated in your agreement.

Standard Practices Character Design, Final Reggie the Realtor spokesperson character design in different poses from scenes.

Some clients will require just one pose (logos), others multiple static poses (websites), and some will require a character rigged for 2D animation (games, apps, instructional design or tutorial modules). Our rigged characters are prepared in Adobe After Effects, and we can animate or we can supply our rigged character to your animator or game developer.

To the left, you see a one color character, but Mick’s fully rendered 3D models can be output for 2D animation. Any example of style that you see in the gallery can be prepared for 2D animation, except the sculptural examples.

Standard Practices Character Design: Scenes

A Scene is a very short (approx. 10 to 20 second) animation of the character that moves with 1 or 2 items drawn in the same complexity, or animated royalty free stock photography from our subscription or provided by you. Scenes are charged separately to the character design fee, and changing a character’s design after this point is chargeable. Sound is charged extra to Scene costs, but if final edited sound is provided we will pace animation to your direction at no extra charge.

In the video to the left you see a compilation of short scenes of Reggie the Realtor animated without sound.

Scenes are designed to a specific proportion (aspect ratio), and should that proportion change during the process, extra charges may occur, if the scene cannot fit in the new proportion.

Layered Photoshop files remain property of the Artist, though floating layered files might be provided to the animator during your video production, depending upon your agreement. Animation production files remain the property of the Artist, and will be output into any format you require for insertion into video production.

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