Purple cartoon giggly grape illustration by Mick Coulas
3D model of character design for cartoon robot that is standing and waving with a boiler for a head. Character design for packaging by Mick Coulas.

Hit Your Mark with Custom Character Design from Mick Coulas.

Fun, Friendly, Relatable and Entertaining

The advantages of a 3D modeled character design are the countless poses that are achievable once your model is created. The process begins with a conversation about the character, mascot or spokesperson. We take direction from the adjectives that you use to describe the character: “helpful”, “friendly”, “comical”, “lighthearted”, “silly”, “serious”, “authoritative”, “industry descriptive”. We also take direction from the role that you define for the character: “spokesperson”, “comic relief”, “mascot”, “helper”, “demonstrator of features and benefits” or “instructor”. We also take direction from the activities that you have in mind for the character to perform. Of course any characteristics must be relevant to the market positioning of your product or service.

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